How to manage your Office 365 environment with Cogmotive and Nuvolex

Office 365 is the hottest thing to hit IT in many years, but as with any technology it needs the proper management framework around it. Two organizations bringing this management framework to life are cloud-based Nuvolex and Cogmotive.

Nuvolex's Enterprise Class Office 365 Management platform and Cogmotive's Simple Office 365 Reporting pack a powerful 1-2 punch to get the most out of this significant change in your IT infrastructure. In this webinar, we give a live demonstration of both products, as well as a comparison to native tools.

In this webinar, you will:

  • Learn about the main challenges existing in Office 365 reporting and management.
  • Watch live demos for both solutions, in comparison the native tools available.
  • Understand how Cogmotive and Nuvolex solutions work together to provide comprehensive Office 365 management.

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